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Some partner warm-up fun!

Some partner warm-up fun!

Warmup activities are always better with company.

Warming up is an essential part of a dance class and or any class that requires some sort of physical exertion. Athletes warm up before games and practice sessions and professional dancers do it too, even when at home and engrossed in "at home" things. The point here is, warm-up activities are here to stay and as educators, it is always helpful to have several different types of activities to pull from.

We recently moved to a new theme and it is one that relies on the bringing together of people, so different types of activities which encourage this idea was of the utmost importance. Many of our previous warm-up activities rely on the individual and their body, but today's activity calls for a companion. 

Considering that we are in the early childhood education field, it is expected that there will be classes for adults and children. There are so many dance and yoga programs for infants and their caregivers to attend in the city of San Francisco and surely it is the same wherever you may be. We teach a fair number of these types of classes and they do require more of a different approach as you need to be able to include both adult and child.

Adult and infant classes are challenging in their own right, and, merely for the sake of the adult, switching up activities may be a helpful thing to do. That said, difficulties in finding new ideas and activities to do in your classes may arise, especially when it comes to warm-up activities. Therefore, we decided to incorporate a simple and foundational warm-up activity for adults and infants into this new theme. 

The following activity is an adult and infant warm up, to be used in the warm-up section of a dance class. This activity flows through four ballet and jazz foot positions with the focus being, strengthening the adults understanding of these foot positions. Additionally, a simple plie and releve are incorporated as a means of increasing the difficulty level.

How did it go?

Adults always like to be taught useful sequences they can do at home, especially those parents who are seeking out ways to stay active in hopes of shedding any of those extra pounds childbirth may have brought their way. Regardless of preference or reasoning, warm-up activities are always helpful for adults and infants as well.

The sequence we put together is really simple and has a seamless flow, making it easy to teach and learn. Therefore, this activity went well, mainly because it lacked frivolous complexity. It was a focused activity which required little repetition. The adults loved the work out it provided as the infants enjoyed the comfort and constant movement.

But what really made this activity score was the opportunity its simple foundation allowed for change. 

One way to make this a more challenging activity is to pair it with some upbeat music and move through the sequence several times without stopping. Not only will this make it more challenging but it will also increase the fun level as well. It's great to see how impactful such a small change can have. 

Another suggestion, particularly if you'd like to do this activity with your students, is to do it as a partner activity. 

Take a look!

Looking for a strong, foundational, warm-up activity for your adult/child class? Then watch our video! You will see the sequence and the general flow.

Get Together,

Tiva & Randa

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