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Word play song

Word play song

Word play songs tend to get our crowds riled up. They become engaged and start singing along. Parents encourage the children they are with to sing along and if they can't sing, it is sung to them in their ear.

This sort of involvement is what makes teaching a children's class so special. In a way, it is a sort of intimate experience. As the teacher, the rewards are vast when those outlined moments happen, especially during an ITK original. You would expect this to frequently occur in a children's class, but reality says differently, then you wonder why and it becomes clear that songs like the Alphabet are first taught and sung to children by their parents, and your question is answered. 

Parents react to what is familiar, most people do and so children are no different, that is why simple spelling songs always end up being very successful classtime activities. 

In a way, we already briefly explained the activity but allow us to do it again. We stated spelling songs are successful classtime activities and with this, in mind, we created another spelling song of our own. This time, the word on display is; Family. 

Using a cardboard and popsicle stick wordplay prop featuring the word family, from our most recent arts & crafts video, we combined a short song to go along with it. The song goes through minimal pronunciation details, spelling and acronym association and is a combination of playful and challenging - nothing a few practice sessions can't remedy. 

How did it go?

As we said before, children and adults love spelling songs. They sing along and learn, especially our foreign class attendees who speak little to no English or for those children who speak another language. Spelling songs are helpful and provide students with an opportunity to explore vocabulary. They also provide teachers with a good foundation for success when teaching vocabulary.

Therefore it goes without saying, our students loved this one. We took the time to teach them the letters for maximum impact and that did the trick. They were spelling and singing as loudly as they could, clapping along with smiles on their faces. It took a couple of tries to get them to be steady enough with the words to sing along but it didn't last for more than two classes. 

Introduce the idea of a spelling song before jumping in. Something about that works for us. Just simply tell your students something simple about the theme and the fact that they will now learn to spell the word using a prop. Of course, don't be that specific about it, make the introduction sound happier than that. The important thing is, to just say it to the children beforehand. 

Take a look!

In this video, you will see the prop and its use, hear the song and learn the lyrics. It is an easy song and doesn't need serious practice to nail! 

Spell and Sing,

Tiva & Randa

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