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Story time activities

Story time activities

A story time class is one of the best classes to teach, at least in our opinion. The reason we say this is it's the type of class in which you can really mix things up.

You can throw some dance or music elements into your story time curriculum as all of these elements come together to make your story time class a more engaging, well rounded and diverse class. With this approach, you will have countless activities to choose from and find different ways to relay your theme.

We love story time and we love story time activities. We also love to create our own story time activities, especially when they include handmade props!

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This original activity uses the raindrop prop we made from our Raindrops - Arts & Crafts with Tiva video. It's a simple paper raindrop project and though delicate, achieved what we wanted. Layering a musical element onto this activity, we sang the words "Raindrop Splash" and combined that with simple movement of the arms and knees in an effort to replicate falling raindrops.

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How did it go?

Our students loved the raindrops in all their simplicity. We had to ask them to "be gentle", as some started enthusiastically swinging the raindrops around, which at times didn't really work in their favor! Needless to say, the activity was a focused one. Students, with instruction, moved their raindrops up and down while singing the complementary vocal activity. Because this activity was simple, it was easy for them to pay attention to the movement of the raindrop while exercising a certain level of caution and care. They were also able to focus on the timing of the vocal in relation to the movement, singing raindrop as the raindrop was up and splash as the raindrop hit the ground.

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Some suggestions we have to make this activity incident free - for the raindrops if you decide to go with delicate ones like we did :) - ask your students to stay seated while you hand out the raindrops reiterating how delicate they are and how gentle they should be with them. Show them what gentle means so they know what your expectations are. Introduce the thought of the delicate nature of real raindrops that way they can compare this raindrop prop to a real raindrop as real raindrops are equally as delicate. Lastly, introduce the activity before beginning. Demonstrate it beforehand so they know exactly what to do and once they have that foundation, then exploration of or during the activity will be easier.

Take a look!

If you are looking for a really simple yet effective rain themed story time activity then watch our video. You will see how we put the raindrops to use and listen to|learn our vocal accompaniment.

Raindrop Splash,

Tiva & Randa

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