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My Family Tree

My Family Tree

Families are evergrowing and the ideals and structures are constantly changing.

Families represent the strongholds of human existence, whether apart or together, whether broken or otherwise and finally, society is opening itself up to make space for acceptance of different variations of families such as same-sex parent families. For way too long, this type of family structure was shunned and frowned upon because too many held steadfastly to old beliefs. Every human deserves the chance to be a part of a family of some kind, especially if their structure deviates from the "traditional" societal norm.

Considering this, it is important, more so now than ever, for educators to inform their students, not only about their own families and the similarities but the differences of others, and more importantly, the reasoning as to why they differ. But rather than circumvent, let's get back to the focal point of this post - family structure. 

Family structure gives many an idea of the different people that make up a family. It is a subjective thing though, as families differ from person to person. Some may have similar structures and others may not. Regardless talking about it and sharing that information with your students is a nice thing to do. It's funny how students sometimes react with surprise over the fact that their teachers have parents just like them, or siblings or even a family pet!

The following is a simple song about the meaning behind a family tree. The focus of this activity is to introduce the concept to students and explain its purpose in a fun and appealing way.

How did it go?

Considering that this activity required more observance from students rather than interaction, it went well. They loved the tree and kept asking about how it was made. Additionally, the activity sparked discussion about family life not only between us and our students but between themselves. When an activity can encourage healthy conversation, about important topics, then it's a keeper!

Feel free to adapt the song based on your family structure. With an easy melody, it should be pretty easy to adjust the members of your family to suit!

Take a look!

Want to learn a new family song? Then watch the video!

Let's Sing Together Like Family,

Tiva & Randa

Family Structures

Family Structures