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Dance together

Dance together

It's Thanksgiving in the United States, where we are, and it is a time when families and friends get together to simply give thanks and spend time with those they care about. 

In enrichment classes, this is no different. Children and adults get together to spend time with each other doing fun things while simultaneously learning and that is what makes classes of this nature a lot more rewarding. Whenever we show up to teach, our students welcome us in the warmest of ways and are genuinely excited about the class and that is such a special feeling. I am sure you may be able to relate, especially if you have been teaching that batch of students for quite some time. 

What is nice about a dance class is the opportunity to explore that concept of spending time with each other, not forgetting the main purpose of the class in the first place.

That is why an activity such as partner dancing deserves a spot on your dance curriculum and lesson plans. We love this type of activity and our students love them too. It is always beautiful to watch them express themselves not only individually, but with a partner or two or three, or collectively as a part of a group. Nothing is sweeter than their excitement to partner up and get to dancing!

So with feelings of togetherness on our mind, and a family theme to share ideas for, we put together a cute partner dance activity for you!

The following is a partner dance activity. Students will be taught a few simple steps to go along with a complementary song. They will be put into groups of two and execute the moves together as partners. The focus of this activity is drawing comparisons to family-like behavioral traits whilst teaching students how to dance with a partner. 

How did it go?

We did mention how happy partner dancing makes our students, so it is obvious this one went very well. Our students are used to the idea of dancing with a partner, so they already know what to expect and what this means. This definitely made it easier to just jump right into the activity. Nonetheless, the moves are simple enough to teach new students and to work through when introducing your students to the concept of partner dancing, especially if the concept is unfamiliar. 

Try teaching your students the moves individually before you partner them up, that way they will be able to focus on learning the choreography rather than their partner. 

Take a look!

Looking for a new, fun, simple and effective partner dance activity? Then watch our video! You will see the moves and hear and learn our original song!

Dance together,

Tiva & Randa

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