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Scarf'n around

Scarf'n around

A scarf activity is an excellent activity for a storytime class. It acts as an extension of the story and incites some movement as well.

Our students always react with such excitement at the sight of the scarves. We're sure it's the same with yours.

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Given the fact that we are still working through our ocean-themed ideas, we created this fun and simple song\rhyme, with jellyfish in mind, which works well with scarves. It illustrates the movement of the jellyfish using simple terms and with challenging yet straightforward scarf movements.

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How did it go?

Scarf activities are always easily convincing. Children see them and react. Therefore, it was apparent that we had great success with this one. Our students particularly loved throwing the scarves into the air and trying to catch them. They also thoroughly enjoyed the song and were already singing it halfway through. The only challenging aspect for some of our students were passing it around their bodies. Nonetheless, they excelled greatly at this one and loved it so much that they would ask to do it again once it was over!

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Make this activity a more challenging one by playing around with speed. Try it over and over, getting faster and faster each time.

Take a look!

Watch the video to hear and learn our simple jellyfish song|rhyme while as well as the related scarf movements. We are confident that you and your students will find this activity to be both engaging and enjoyable!

Get Moving,

Tiva & Randa

A plate of seaweed

A plate of seaweed

Jellyfish flow

Jellyfish flow