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Sound of the rain

Sound of the rain

There is nothing more calming than the sound of the rain. Something about the way it sounds when it hits the roof or a metal railing, or when it gently taps against your window or even splashes onto the ground.

It's like music to your ear. It does something to you and pulls you in. Rain in itself is like a lullaby and one that can put many us of to sleep or even help us relax.

Yes, sometimes rain can cause tremendous hustle and bustle, especially if you are running errands or going to work, driving, and even walking. Rain can be a bit of an inconvenience. But we can't only look at the negative things as there are many positive things about the rain.

In our opinion, the sound of the rain is perfect for meditating.

It's an easygoing sound and one which instantly sets a tone of relaxation. It is no wonder why we decided upon an activity which combined these two elements; meditation and rain.

This activity doesn't require much. You will need to encourage your students to sit quietly on their bottoms. You can have them sit in butterfly pose, pretzel pose or any other simple seated position you desire. The main focus of this activity is to get them to be still in body and mind while exercising their listening skills. Once your students are seated you will then guide them through a simple and short meditation by using your voice to recite a simple spiel. 

How did it go?

It went very well. Our students were very receptive and tried their hardest to be still and focused. Taking our time with the meditation spiel was key as it encouraged our students to keenly listen to what we were saying while delving deeper into their focus level. Though our younger students didn't fare too well, they still did a pretty good job with it. They sat for the entire activity but didn't keep their eyes closed for too long. Nonetheless, they were able to follow along by looking at what we were doing and mimicking what they saw and that too is a way of learning and teaching. 

Some suggestions we have to help your students focus more would be to do the entire activity with their eyes open before having them do it with closed eyes. This will help them get familiarized with the activity while helping them understand what is required of them. We also kept this activity brief because we know how challenging it can be to get your students to sit still for longer than a couple minutes. However, if your students are able to sit still for a longer time then feel free to repeat this activity. Repetition when it comes to meditation is good as it helps students understand what it is all about! 

Take a look!

If you are looking for an easy to learn and teach guided meditation for your yoga class then we'd recommend watching our video. You will be able to learn our meditation spiel which is the foundation for this activity.

Listen and Meditate,

Tiva & Randa



As the rain falls

As the rain falls