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Family background

Family background

Our family, like yours, differs from many, because families are different. No two families are exactly the same. There might be similarities with sibling types, size, and behavioral traits, but at the same time, these similarities can also create differences.  

Your family is your family though, just as my family is my family. Possessive to say the least, but absolutely true. We all have different parents, different siblings and different extensions of our family like grandparents and great-grandparents, distant cousins and second cousins. So many categories of people make up a family. So many unique individuals with their own traits, abilities, and contributions. That's the beauty of it all, we suppose. That's the beauty of you as an individual too. 

Especially as an educator, someone who imparts knowledge. When you think about your abilities, stemming from your family background, things such as likes, dislikes, and even hereditary particulars, it makes you as an educator such a unique person.

Our families, in essence, make us who we are, and, at times makes us who we are not. We, as educators then use a little of this personal perspective in the classroom, trying to correct behaviors we wish our parents corrected in us or trying to expose our students to things we were exposed to as children and vice versa. 

Our families mean a lot to us and there are traces of them in everything that we do, whether we know it or not. We were molded into the adults we are today because of the families that molded us; because of the persistence of our parents and the influence of our siblings. And we wanted to pay tribute to them with this week's activity, well, specifically Tiva, as this activity is hers! 

The following is a poem to go along with a six-person family made out of wooden stick people. This poem is about Tiva's family and is more of a demonstration. The focus, of this activity, is to provide you with ideas for personal storytime activities and to demonstrate the presentational aspect of the activity. 

How did it go?

Children love crafty activities, at least our students do. They love all of the DIY props and visual aids and sit so nicely throughout this part of our storytime classes. They absolutely loved this activity, using cute and funny as some descriptive words. And although this activity was more personal, they loved being able to learn a little bit more about Miss Tiva and her family and had so many questions to ask once the activity concluded. 

Our students get really excited when they see little people props and sometimes try to reach out and grab them. If this is your experience, then introduce the people one by one before beginning the activity so your students could see them beforehand and possibly get their excitement out before the actual activity commences. 

Take a look!

There is a family of six awaiting your viewing pleasure, so just click play to watch and learn the activity! 

Get personal,

Tiva & Randa

Unison aids success

Unison aids success

Dance together

Dance together