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As we said in one of our previous blog posts, a family is the culmination of babies. 

Every human being starts off as a baby. We then learn and grow, over time, making our way through childhood, young adulthood and adulthood. And, with growth comes learned behaviors and methods of communication, such as talking. But, for the first few years of a humans' life, communication comes in the form of crying and other sounds such as babbling.

When a baby cries, that's their way of communicating. It's their way of saying they want or need something or to give us a warning that something may be wrong. They may be feeling unwell or their diaper may need to be changed.

When this happens, there are things that adults or older siblings can do to help calm them. In certain circumstances, feeding them or changing their diaper may solve the problem, but in others, picking them up, holding them, rocking them and so on may be the right solution.

Many babies, grow into adults who have babies of their own, and parenting itself is something that has to be learned. In a household with other children, siblings may need to be taught how to handle and care for their new baby sister or brother. And these lessons they will take with them into their own households when they grow up and have families of their own.

It is important to teach children about life lessons like these. It is important to prepare them for all sorts of situations and education is the perfect way to start.

Since our current theme is family, this activity was created with that in mind. Considering what you just read, it is obvious to say that the following is baby-related. Using the sock baby, from our most recent arts & crafts video, this original song\activity introduces children to a few things that are done when a baby is crying. The focus of this activity is to teach them about calming techniques for a crying baby.  

How did it go?

Children love babies. They are intrigued by them and often mimic the things they see adults do with babies. Our students absolutely enjoyed this activity and even took some of the things they learned in their household - at times boasting about their success with calming their crying baby brothers and sisters. 

To make this activity a group related one, give each student a sock baby of their own. If the sock babies are too much, then use a scarf or bean bag. 

Take a look!

Tiva and her little sock baby would like to teach you the song and activity, so click play to watch and learn!

Stay calm,

Tiva & Randa

Baby Sounds

Baby Sounds