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Instrument play

Instrument play

Instrument play is a vital part of a kids music class.

Though vital, it doesn't mean you have to solely focus on instruments in your music classes as it is nice to combine other educational elements like sing-a-long books or simple rhymes and chants. That said, it is still a great idea to include at least one musical instrument in your music class curriculum or theme.  

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This is our first instrument play video and we choose a simple but appropriate instrument that goes hand in hand with our current rain theme. The instrument we are talking about is none other than the rain stick. It's a simple instrument and is easy to play, but in our opinion, it is often overlooked because of its simplicity. It is because of this we decided to combine a chant, movement, and the rainstick to create a great activity which makes the rain stick seem like oodles of fun!

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How did it go?

With the simplicity of the movement and the chant on our side, our students picked up this activity really quickly. They were eager to use the rain sticks and really explored and appreciated its sound. Their eagerness enabled them to quickly learn the chant, which then allowed us to maximize on the opportunity of exploring this activity a little more. The complementary movement flowed smoothly and assisted with keeping our students engaged throughout the activity. Though short, we repeated this activity several times, challenging ourselves more and more each time.

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Some suggestions we have to make this activity a little more challenging would be to play around with faster speeds and maybe switch up or play around with the direction of the movement either intermittently or continuously.

Take a look!

If you are looking for a rain stick activity or a rain chant then watch our video! You will be able to watch and learn the movement, chant and general flow of the activity.


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