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Unison aids success

Unison aids success

There are those times when unison aids success. That's pretty much how a family should work.

Ideally, in a family, everyone should be working in unison to achieve whatever the family goals may be. Yes, a family is about relationships and connections but those need work to be successful. A family doesn't just exist merely because fact says so, a family exists because there is a purpose behind it. Each family member has their job to do whether financially, emotionally or otherwise. And when things are out of sync, chaos occurs, relationships see their fair share of difficult moments and communication breaks down. The family then becomes disjointed or disconnected. 

Sadly this is the reality for many families around the world - some of which never fully recover from a deadly blow, but there are also those that do, and when a family bounces back from a rough situation it unifies the bond and strengthens the connections.

It is important, as educators, to reinforce the concept of unison in everything we do.

Teaching students how to work with each other is an important lesson and a vital one that can be used at great lengths in today and tomorrow's world. Adopting the practice of unison is also helpful in enrichment classes as it allows students to feel more at ease quite quickly while collaborating with their peers. It is beautiful to see everyone just getting along and flowing through tasks smoothly. They also begin to care a lot more about their peers and adopt better mindfulness practices as a result. 

We always encourage teamwork in our classes because we believe there needs to be more of that happening in our society. Many of us have become too secluded and settled with living in our world that we forget there are other people here too. Sometimes right next to us. So, as a means of reinforcing this incredible concept and using it to represent the idea of family and its operatives, a partner breathing exercise stood out as an activity that can demonstrate this best.

The following is a simple partner breathing activity. Sitting in lotus pose, and facing each other, two partners will inhale together and exhale using three different patterns. The focus of this activity is to reinforce the importance of the strength in doing things in unison. 

How did it go?

Breathing activities are usually fairly simple as breathing is something we do every day. However when you add variety to the breathing patterns that's usually when a challenge presents itself. In this case and with this activity, the exhalation patterns weren't too challenging, so our students did well.

Another tricky aspect of this activity is the partner aspect. Some of our students enjoyed their partner a little too much and easily got distracted. Nonetheless, with some redirection, we were able to get them back into the activity and focus throughout. 

Considering what we mentioned before about partners, keep this in mind when you are pairing up your students. You know your class and you should know which partners work well.

Additionally, demonstrate the activity first before beginning, because once you start you want to be able to flow through it smoothly from beginning to end without stopping. 

Take a look!

You could never have too many breathing activities in a yoga class, so, here is another one for you! Take a look at the video to see the flow of this activity.

Breath as one,

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