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Our little friend

Our little friend

Sometimes it's nice to bring a friend to class. And by a friend we don't mean a real person, we mean a special little prop.


A prop whose primary purpose can be,

To greet the children.

To help them feel comfortable.

To make them feel special.

To guide them through the class activities and exercises.

To tell them what the class rules are or,

To simply add something special to your class!

A special little prop can be a really helpful tool when teaching young children.

We always have one on hand because we've found that our students easily connect with them. They've also helped us comfort new students and have definitely helped our students with following our class rules. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.14.20 PM.png

Now, we are finally into our last "Ocean" themed segment. For this last segment, we decided to focus on oysters. So this week's art project is obviously an oyster based one. Considering what we said earlier on, we thought it would be a great idea to make a very special friend who could make a huge impression on our students at first glance. So, a giant oyster came to mind! We figured an old cardboard box, an old grocery bag, and a cotton ball would do the trick! 

Well, our students were thoroughly charmed by this project. They loved it! They laughed and asked to pet the oyster and of course we let them do so! They followed all of the oyster's class rules and even asked if the oyster could do some of the activities with them! 

Take a look!

So if you are looking for a charming, oyster, arts and craft project, then feel free to watch our upcoming video. You will be able to see the tools we used and how we put this charmer together! We are confident that your students will be amazed by this giant oyster and that this giant oyster can help your students in some of the other previously mentioned ways! 

Go Big or Go Home,

Tiva & Randa

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