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Language play

Language play

No matter where you are from, language is a necessary skill. Communication is the foundation for writing, reading, speaking, and understanding others in the world we live.

Language helps us express ourselves in different ways and through various mediums. It helps us understand and be understood. It helps us experience things, learn things, teach things, do things, feel things. It helps us communicate with each other, and that is important. 

As educators, it is our responsibility to find ways of strengthening or building our students' language skills. Incorporating language building activities and exercises into your classes is quite easy.

It is always advisable to include some language building element into your classes, particularly in your storytime classes. Children are constantly trying to communicate, and no child is too young to start building their language skills. Exposure to such activities is a start and can go a long way, especially when done entertainingly.

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Our current theme is "Ocean," and seaweed has been our selected topic for these past few days. So, we wrote this seaweed filled tongue twister and added a few finger play and arm movements which made for a helpful little language building exercise for our students.

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How did it go?

This exercise was a fun challenge for our speaking students. They were able to verbally participate in the activity and add their character to the accompanying movement.  Our non-speaking students had fun with the finger play aspect, and a few who are on the cusp of speaking tried to say some of the words. Altogether though everything held up as expected.

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Maximize learning by taking it slowly while using a bit of a 'sing-song' tone when delivering the lines. This will enable your students to latch on to the melodic structure and quickly learn the words. One other thing, don't be afraid to repeat it several times, your students will need the repetition.

Take a look!

So if you are on the hunt for an original ocean themed tongue twister then feel free to watch our video. You will be able to learn the words and see the finger play we paired with it. We are positive that this tongue twister will be an excellent addition to your language building activities and exercises.

Stay Skillful,

Tiva & Randa

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