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Watch the jellyfish

Watch the jellyfish

Ah yes! An action song. Who doesn't like them? A good ole' action song can really get students movin' and groovin'.

Action songs are loved by children everywhere and also by the educators who use them. To add an extra special something, pair that action song with a fun prop and time! This combination is a great way to really get your students engaged and to possibly involve those students who shy away from any of the other activities in your dance class. In some cases, it can also help engage any first-time students as well.

In general, though it just adds more character to your class and definitely scores top points on the "fun" score-board.

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With all these enticing scenarios looping in our minds and just barely at the midway point of our "Ocean" theme, we wrote a theme appropriate action song called "Watch The Jellyfish" and paired it with our jellyfish umbrella for some good ole' action song fun! This activity is a group activity in which children will pass the jellyfish umbrella around in a circle, each having the chance to explore the movement of the jellyfish on their own.

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How did it go?

Well, our students had a blast with this activity. The very young ones were able to enjoy the movement of the jellyfish umbrella and marveled at its flowing tentacles. The older children really got into exploring the movement of the jellyfish and quickly followed along with the words of the song. The song was also comfortable enough for them to learn. As a group activity, it was definitely practical and is one for the books!

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One suggestion though would be to guide each student through the activity by helping them with the umbrella to avoid any accidents or incidents. After all, it is an umbrella, and it is sort of pointy!

Take a look!

If this sounds like the type of group activity you would like to incorporate into your next ocean themed dance class, then feel free to watch our video. You will be able to learn our song and see how we used the jellyfish umbrella. We are positive that this activity will be a great addition to your dance curriculum.

Move and Groove,

Tiva & Randa

Sound levels

Sound levels

Umbrella remake

Umbrella remake