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Rain storm

Rain storm

Yoga doesn't always mean yoga poses and sequences, it can mean simple and specific activities. Focusing on specific body parts can be a great lesson in your kids' yoga classes.

It enables you to really teach your students about their body and how it can be used to achieve certain tasks; especially in a yoga class. It also allows you the opportunity to change up your yoga curriculum in different ways so that your students don't feel the monotony of doing the same poses over and over. 

Now, in no way are we speaking negatively about the repetitive nature of yoga.

We understand the reason behind it. But, we do know our students and we know that they aren't at that stage in life where they understand the reasoning or the need behind the repetitive nature of yoga. So because of this, we've always created different activities reflective of the essence of yoga but different enough to switch things up in our classes. 

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This week we decided an activity which focuses on the hands, and ties in our rain theme, would be a nice exercise to share with you. Our inspiration for this activity is a rain storm and its elements; rain, wind, thunder to name a few. This activity definitely helps children strengthen motor skills, hand-eye coordination and a host of other things while bringing about awareness of a calm center and body with a fun flare to it! When done as a group, and in synchronicity, this activity really mimics the sound of rain and the elements of a rainstorm, especially with more student participation.

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How did it go?

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Our students were very focused and loved using their hands to mimic the different elements of a rain storm. Many of them boastfully exclaimed "LOOK AT ME" and " I"M GOING TO CREATE REALLY LOUD THUNDER" during the activity. Each phase was also easy to understand and execute which enabled our students to explore and push past their own expectations and boundaries. As a group, multiple hands and fingers moving at once to achieve a unified sound was incredible to see and experience and made it as real an activity as it could be!

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One suggestion is to play around with the speed and sound levels. Maybe start off really slow then gradually get faster and faster as if mimicking the pace and intensity of a rain storm. There are always those calmer and more intense parts of a storm. The rain falls quietly and calmly then all of a sudden there's thunder, lighting and some serious rain fall. So use that as your motivation for diversifying this activity. 

Take a look!

So if you are looking for a rain-themed, hand yoga, warm-up activity then watch our video. You will be able to learn a simple activity that can add a nice level of opposition in your yoga classes. Some suggestions we have in order to make this a more mindful exercise would be to ask your students to close their eyes during the activity or add some gentle yet complementary sound effects to the different movements using their mouths. 

Oh Stormy Day,

Tiva & Randa

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