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Let's count clouds

Let's count clouds

Counting songs are great activities for story time classes. 

They help tell the story and relay your chosen theme while incorporating mathematics and by extension other STEM attributes into your curriculum.  Young children love to count and as educators counting helps us teach children in many ways.

We count when we teach yoga to help our students hold a pose or sit still. We count down from five to one to get them to refocus. We count when they pack the shakers away as a way of making that activity more fun and less laborious. We count to signal a transition or initiate an activity; for instance "we will jump together in five, four, three, two, one" and then we all jump. Students love to count along so it makes absolute sense to include counting songs in any and every type of early childhood enrichment class.

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Our theme to date is "Rain" and so our counting song is about clouds as they play an important role in the water cycle. This easy to learn song, is an iteachkids original and focuses on the numbers one through five. In our first rain-themed, arts and crafts video, Tiva made five clouds using cotton balls. We then composed a song and used the clouds as a visual extension of the lyrics.

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How did it go?

Well, first of all, the clouds were well loved by our students. Even parents and nannies were in awe of them. They were a hit. Everyone sang along and counted along, pointed fingers at the clouds and at times even smiled and laughed as they drifted over their heads. Some of our older students asked to hold the clouds; proudly dancing around with them as their peers counted and sang along. At first glance, when asked what are they, students shouted "CLOUDS!" as loudly as their voice would let them as the adults in the room smiled and chuckled.

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With that piece of truth out in the open, one suggestion we have in order to make this activity more realistic would be to ask your students to sit down and look up or if possible, lay down on their backs.

Take a look!

So if you are looking for a rain themed, cloud-based, counting song then watch our video. You will be able to learn our song and see an example of how we presented this activity to our students. To be honest the video is a fancy example, as in real life we just hold them up high and gently make them "drift" over our students' heads.

Oh Cloudy Day,  

Tiva & Randa

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