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Umbrella pretend play

Umbrella pretend play

Play is one of the key and most helpful elements to incorporate into a kids dance class. 

Play teaches children things and helps with human development as well. Through play-based experiences, they learn and through learning they grow and become stronger in many ways. Therefore these types of activities are recommended. 

That said, it's nice to combine play with technical skill building exercises, especially in a class like a dance class.

The play will help take away from the technicality of the exercise and make it a more deliverable and comprehensible activity for your students.

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In light of our new rain theme we thought it would be fun to create a dance warm-up activity in which we had to pretend our bodies were umbrellas - successfully merging the two elements we previously mentioned; play and technical skill.

This umbrella, warm-up activity was inspired by walking around town with an umbrella. Umbrellas protect us from the rain, but they can also bring water inside of the stores and buildings that we enter. The focus of this activity is to engage your students in an imaginative play scenario while working on their core. We started off with a forward bend and moved through various positions and levels, including a flat back rise and a pirouette en Pointe to strengthen the stomach and back muscles.

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How did it go?

Pretend play activities require almost no convincing. Children are always eager to jump right into this sort of activity. Our students did very well with this one, taking their time to get every aspect right. It was nice to involve their pretend play scenarios, at times walking through all sorts of terrain with our umbrellas. This activity definitely helped our students not only learn but enjoy themselves while learning - something we think is important when teaching enrichment classes. 

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Some suggestions we have in order to make it difficult for more advanced students, is to add side bends with the umbrella over your head or repeat the activity at several speeds and with different emotions or circumstances i.e you are in a hurry. 

Take a look!

So if you are looking for a rain themed, umbrella, pretend play, dance warm-up activity, then watch our video. You will be able to learn an activity we think you and your students will enjoy. You will also see that a dance activity for a kids class can be as simple yet fruitful as this one is.

Get Under Your Umbrella,  

Tiva & Randa

Let's count clouds

Let's count clouds

Cloudy with a chance of rain

Cloudy with a chance of rain