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Moving and grooving

Moving and grooving

Admittedly, across the floor, activities are the most effective way to influence structured moving and grooving in a dance class.

Stretching and beginning warm-ups are great, but nothing says "structured dancing time" quite like an across the floor activity. An across the floor activity could also make for utter chaos, but let's leave that alone for now!

Coming up with great across the floor activities to present to your dance students, especially if you are working with themes, is a challenge.

Difficulties with finding ideas for theme-based dance moves could arise, or curriculum ideas can easily get lost within the sphere of the theme. On the other hand, the lack of finding new ideas could be the cause of your dilemma.

Well, whatever it is, we are here for you!

Given that our current theme is "Ocean" and that we had those five sea creatures from our Arts and Crafts project to draw inspiration from, we came up with five super fun across the floor activities that even had us moving and grooving during filming! These activities are our interpretation of each creatures' way of movement and are flexible enough for adaptation based on the ages of your students.

How did it go?

It was a treat to watch our students attempt these moves. While doing the activity, some of them discovered their own strengths while some found ease with the steps. Others found the humor in the movement and really got into some of the more lighthearted ones, like the jellyfish and the octopus dance moves. Though challenging for some of our younger students, they still managed to push and pull through; completing the exercise in almost the same way we demonstrated it.

One suggestion to make this activity flow smoothly is to reinforce line control from the get-go. It's hard for some students to wait their turn to do an across the floor activity, especially with a fun one like this. If your class is small enough, maybe have them go all at once. If your class is too big, then either have them wait in line, going two at a time or have them sit and wait for their turn. Additionally, demonstrate each move before commencing the activity.

Take a look!

If you are searching for some new ocean-themed across the floor activities for your next dance class, then feel free to watch our dance. We are confident that these moves are simple, easy to learn, and easy to teach!

Dance, Dance, Dance,

Tiva & Randa

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