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Upcycle, make, use

Upcycle, make, use

First Arts & Crafts Project

Turning old things into new things is a remarkable feeling, mainly when the final product enhances your enrichment classes. Handmade props are so appealing and full of character and positive sentiment. Maybe that's a biased opinion, but if you saw my students' reaction to my handmade props, then you would agree.

Therefore, in a world where DIY-ing is a thing, an Arts & Crafts Segment seemed appropriate.

The sole purpose of this segment is to show you how easy it is to make your own props. Believe me, your students will love you more, and you don't need distinctive crafting skills to craft up cool accessories, just effort. So today, I come to you with paper lanterns, glue, scissors, a stapler, sequins, an old tee-shirt, old strips of material from an old rug, garbage bags and a few other things, and I'm ready to get to work!

Given that our current theme is "Ocean," we picked five sea creatures who we thought would go hand in hand with some paper lanterns we had lying around. We then put our tools to work and crafted up some paper lantern goodness.

Take a look!

So if you want to craft up some cool ocean sea creatures of your own for your next ocean-themed class, then feel free to watch our video. You will see the tools we used and the finished product in motion! We are confident that these five little paper lantern sea creatures will be a great addition to your teaching props and urge you to keep up with the DIY lifestyle!  

Get Down With Some DIY,

Tiva & Randa

Moving and grooving

Moving and grooving