tiva lee samaru

A Brief History

iteachkids.org is an online platform for inspiring other educators, informing parents and educating children. The intention is to creatively stimulate the young minds of the future by enlightening the older minds who help them grow. 


With an extensive background in performance art and hospitality, Tiva Lee found ease working with children. As an Early Childhood Educator for several years, she developed and led several successful ECE classes and workshops around the San Francisco Bay Area. After constant appraisal of her DIY capabilities and innate abilities when working with children, she felt the need to create a platform for sharing her ideas with others in need - hence the creation of the iteachkids blog. With the help of past contributor "Randa Atkins",  iteachkids.org has grown into a platform that provides a diverse selection of Early Child Care & Education resources.

Currently, Tiva can be found educating and entertaining children at several daycares, preschools, and community centers around the Bay Area. As well as providing childcare for several families in her neighborhood.

Visit tivasamaru.com to learn more about work and experience as a Performance Artist.