iteachkids is a platform for inspiring other educators, informing parents and educating children. Our intention is to creatively stimulate, educate, enlighten and develop the young minds of the future and the older minds who help them grow. 


A Brief History

Tiva and Randa met during their time as educators at JAMaROO Kids, and quickly realized they shared the same passion for early childhood education.  At the time, iteachkids was merely an idea that lived in Tiva's mind, but with Randa's help, it grew into something more.


We believe in the power of teaching and learning and with the use of The Consequential Mind Methodâ„¢, we hope to cultivate emotional intelligence and competence in young children thus improving the quality of life for future generations. We employ this method when creating and teaching - the intention being - to expose children to the idea of action, reaction, consequence and all things in between. Through the use of this method we hope to: Elevate the quality of ECE programming worldwide and Promote this method by training and certifying other educators who wish to use it.